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There is great information in this document but also some known errors.
It will be helpful to you to understand how to interpret this Ledger.


Transcribed by Jane Jackson Kimble; Proofread by Karen Kimble Horne


This transcription was made from a copy of P. A. Jacksonís notes.  I have no knowledge of the 1887 original.  My copy came from the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants Library.  I have not been able to determine who P. A. Jackson is, though possibly a descendant of Martha Jane Bassel Jackson.

The pages were extremely difficult to read as they are copies of copies and the handwriting was that of an earlier day.  Capital "L" and capital "S" were so similar that they may have been misread.

The Ledger is originally 87 small pages with two blank pages.  I have indicated the original page numbers in the text on the left hand side.  The historical comments are regular text; the lists of children are kept listed and indented.  The numbers by each individual are the actual numbers of the original author except where I have added [#] for clarity.

In places where the word was completely illegible I have indicated by _______.  Where the author has used ( ), I have also used that.  When I felt it necessary to add my comment, I have used [ ].  There are two distinct handwritings in the Ledger as someone has added information, or as on page 16, corrected the original.  I have indicated the second handwriting by using italics on those words.

I have tried to keep the spelling as it is in the original Ledger even when it appears inconsistent within the document itself.  I have made notes when dates appear inconsistent; as on page 48, Narcissa Jackson was originally dated 1849.  The second handwriting wrote over the 1849, making it 1847; but didnít make the same edit on page 50.

The different handwriting at the end of the Ledger (shown in italics) indicates someone other than the original author has added certain information.

The names in the Ledger for which no clear connection is made are not included in the descendants data file.   A search engine is provided on the Home Page to help you find names that may not be in the data file.  And since many names are repeated on various pages, the search engine should be helpful to find all the references.  Please contact me if you know of errors in the Ledger which should not be put in the data base.  SCROLL ON DOWN to read of individual problems we know about.



A.     A major problem that we find with the data is that the author has made an effort to connect these Jacksons with the Jackson line descending from John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins (Stonewall's line).  Further research has helped us determine that this is not the case.  We have found only one instance of a marriage between persons in the two lines; that of Susan Hannah Jackson and John Columbus Jackson.  Determining who is in which Jackson line is understandably difficult as there were two Edward Jacksons that both located in Harrison County, Virginia (now WV) at the same time.  Both family lines were highly esteemed and prolific, many carrying the same names.  Add to that the fact that nearly every family named a son John and we had a puzzle of major proportions.

There is mentioned on page 12 of a cousin of Edward's named John, who had sons, George W. and Edward.  I believe that there is ample proof that the John mentioned with his sons, is the Stonewall Jackson family line.  John was Stonewallís great grandfather and Edward (listed as Johnís son) is his grandfather, while George is his uncle.  Two sources that I believe that are credible and well researched are found at Virginia Military Instituteís site, http://www.vmi.edu/content.aspx?id=5005 and the Jackson Brigade, a site dedicated to the Stonewall Jackson line at http://www.jacksonbrigade.com/genealogy-of-john-jackson/col-edward-jackson/.

Pages 42, 79, 80 & 83 all speak of a John, son of John and Elizabeth Cummings (sic).  I have come to understand this is not our line of Jacksons.  But the author of the Ledger did believe there was a connection and convinced his/her family of that; so much so that information to that effect on page 52 of the Ledger says "Gave J. L. Young short sketch for Dr. Brooks for Virginia and Virginians," a book of Virginia biographies.  So this [erroneous] belief was published and has been used by many as a source for their genealogy research.  [A copy of this biography with footnotes annotating the problem areas written by a knowledgeable family member is available on this site.]    On page 83, a later author, still believing that there was a connection between the two lines, has written (shown in italics) of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins.

B.     On page 5, writing of John, son of Robert, the author has written that this John was married twice; once to Elizabeth Hallet and secondly to Elizabeth Seaman.  This is a problem area and is covered in detail in the section on Conflicting Data.  

C.     On page 21, "Jane Jackson married Benjamin Arnold, a cousin."  And on page 15, Benjamin married "Jane Jackson, daughter of Ben & granddaughter of Samuel, son of Edward Jackson".  But according to my calculations, Jane was Benís sister and daughter of Samuel, who was son of Edward.

D.     Page 83/84 the lineage for Col. Joseph Jackson appears to leave out a generation. The Ledger does not mention him except on this page.  See the data section for this missing generation.

   Other known errors in dates or locations have been corrected in the database.  So enjoy the Ledger, it may have info not in the database, but always compare info from the Ledger with the database.  Even with problems, this Ledger has so much connecting data; not only Jacksons, but other related, connecting families, that it is a treasure to find.  Enjoy digging!

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