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1. Capt. Stephen Pomeroy JACKSON (b.1789;d.1844)
    sp: Hannah BAILEY (b.1793;m.1821;d.1854)
    2. Hon. Minter JACKSON (b.1824)
          sp#1: Mary Kathrine FELL (b.1830;d.1856)
             3. Stephen Alonzo JACKSON (b.1851;d.1892)
                   sp: Mary Cloyd ERNEST (b.1852;m.1876)
                      4. Ernest Alonzo JACKSON (b.1877;d.1928)
                      4. Minter JACKSON (b.1880)
The photo has a distinct look of Northeast Brazil where he was for a great deal of his time.  The other man could be anything from a guide to a ranch hand assigned to help or a member of a church or mission school in the area. I'd sort of suspect the last because he isn't dressed like a Northeastern cowboy. Could be a guide of some sort, but I haven't seen evidence he used guides much if at all, and again the clothes are not right.

Contributed & noted by Ramon Jackson   


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