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with her children and grandchildren

This photo was taken on the steps of John Duckett (J.D.) Dillard's home in Stacy, Concho County, Texas.

I will list the people and then put who they belong with as Tom Jr., (T.M.), John (J.D.), Jerry (J.C.) and Minnie Herring as (M.H.).

L to R back: Daniel D. (JD), Lila (JD), Melissa Dragoo (TM's wife), Annie Gilbert (JD's wife) Esther (MH), Matthew (JC), Leona Cowan (JC's wife), Newton Herring (MH's husband), Fannie (JC), Robert (JC)

Seated center row; Katie (JC), Newton (MH), Thomas Milton Dillard, Jr. holding his daughter Reba, John Duckett Dillard holding Varney, Manerva Jane Jackson Dillard (Mother), Jerry Clements Dillard holding Claris Zelma, Minnie Catherine Dillard Herring, holding Millard, Hazel, (MH), Eula (JD).

Children in front sitting: J.T. (JD), Azalea (TM), Lee (JC), and Ross (JC)

Manerva and her children, J.C. and Minnie Herring were visiting from Bell County, Texas. 

Date Taken: Summer of 1908                            Place Taken: Stacy, Texas                  Photo contributed by Jody Dillard


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