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Descendants of Capt. Stephen Pomeroy JACKSON
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1. Stephen Pomeroy Capt. JACKSON (b.1789;d.1844)
    sp: Hannah BAILEY (b.1793;m.1821;d.1854)
    2. Hon. Joseph Blackwell JACKSON (b.1822;d.1879)
          sp: Emily Bird LORENTZ (b.1827;m.1845;d.1879)
    2. Hon. Minter JACKSON (b.1824)
          sp#1: Mary Kathrine FELL (b.1830;d.1856)
             3. Stephen Alonzo JACKSON (b.1851;d.1892)
                   sp: Mary Cloyd ERNEST (b.1852;m.1876)
                      4. Ernest Alonzo JACKSON (b.1877;d.1928)
                      4. Minter JACKSON (b.1880)
             3. Mary Scott JACKSON (b.1855;d.1908)
                   sp: Samuel Beattie Ryburn DUNN (b.1851;m.1875;d.1907)
                      4. Cloydine Ernest DUNN (b.1887)
                            sp: Walter Beattie Jr. JACKSON (b.1901)
          sp#2: Isabella Holt 'Bell' BEATTIE (b.1830;m.1864;d.1880)
             3. Walter Beattie JACKSON (b.1865;d.1912)
                   sp: Josephine Lillian BELDEN (m.1894)
                      4. Walter Beattie Jr. JACKSON (b.1901)
                            sp: Cloydine Ernest DUNN (b.1887)
          sp#3: Mary Louisa DAVISON (m.1894)
    2. Isaac Theoderic JACKSON (b.1825;d.1910)
          sp: Hepzibah (Storts) (Stoetts) STEORTS (b.1827;m.1847)



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