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Story of John and his two wives

  I began this research with a "Jackson Ledger" written in 1887 and found at the Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants Library (see Resources).  I transcribed these 85 small pages and in doing so broke through my own brick wall.  But some of the data in this Ledger was troublesome and I relegated it to my 'doubtful' section.  This Ledger and many online charts have Col. John Jackson, son of Robert, married twice; first to Elisabeth Hallett and second to Elisabeth Seaman.

      Next, I found J. Percy Crayon's 1902 record of the Jacksons online.  I printed it out and began to input it to my data base.  But the paragraphs concerning Samuel Jackson and his children didn't fit.  Another bit of data went to the 'doubtful' section.

      Then I obtained a CD of Oscar Burton Robbins' book (see Resources).  It gave me a tremendous amount of information that has taken month's to input.  Mr. Robbins on page 9 of his book has noted differences between the Crayon records and records kept by the Seaman family.

      Then my online Jackson cousin, Andrea, found the site for Mary Powell Bunker's book, Long Island Genealogies.  This document reconciles many of the discrepancies of the other documents.   Where some other documents have Col. John Jackson married twice, Mrs. Bunker says Col. John was married just once. 

Much conflicting data has been passed around and put online. So I gathered together the oldest documents I could find:
        The Jackson Ledger 1887
        Bunkers Long Island Genealogies 1895  (Jackson chapter summarized here.)
        J. Percy Crayon's Records 1902
        Online Jackson Records at Long Island Genealogy Surname Database 
        First Family of Rockaway by Stephen Jackson, Chapter IV, unknown date, from
                Rockaway Borough - A History
Later documents appear to build on the information in the above documents as these either quote earlier info or are mentioned as sources.

      Then I summarized the data in these documents and double checked dates and names.  I have concluded that the most accurate records to start with are from Bunker's Long Island Genealogies.  She has recorded a whole generation that Crayon somehow missed.  The online Long Island site that has the Crayon data states that there are known errors in this work, but doesn't say what the errors are.  My summaries have helped me pinpoint the problem areas. There were five John Jacksons straight down the line; not four. This permits us to put the children with the proper parents and also recognizes that Col. John had but one wife, Elisabeth Seaman; and that his son John Jr. was married to Elisabeth Hallett. 

(When I transcribed the 1887 Jackson Ledger, I found that in the old style handwriting a capital 'S' looks very much like a capital 'L'.  That is probably how the idea that John married a 'Layman' got started.)

      Bunker's book is available online for you to read and print out.  That and my summary of the Jackson chapter of the book are available from the Resources page.

Table of Contents

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