DID YOU KNOW?  HAVE YOU HEARD?  Your family is still growing!  With every day's research new cousins are found and with every DNA test new understandings come about.  Did you ever wonder about these new cousins and wish you knew something of their background or history?  Do you have favorite stories about your 'Grampa' that you wish others could know?  I saw on a website the other day someone rejoicing; she wrote "I found my Grandpa!!"  If you've always known your family, you may not have realized the joy it brings to those who don't know about their family to finally make that connection and know they've got cousins and relatives out there.

With John McAnally's help, I've built a DNA tree that should help you visualize how the various branches are related to one another.  DNA testing has enabled us to better understand that 'OUR CLAN' is not limited to the descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead.   Presently there are three branches of this clan that are indicated by SNP testing.  These three branches are defined by five patriarchs:
1. Robert Jackson who settled in Hempstead, NY (Y9349)
2. Samuel Jackson Irish soldier who settled in PA (Y9349)

3. Samuel Jackson who settled in Stafford/Prince William, VA (Y19809)
4. John Lynn who settled in Prince William, VA  (Y19809)

5. Thomas Jackson, Ireland, descendants in Australia  (SNP pending; is negative for the other two SNPs)

Big Y testing has proved that branch No. 1 & No. 2 have a most recent common ancestor 500 years before present.  No. 3 and No. 4 are connected more recently, that is, sometime within the last 200 years.   No. 5 is still pending, but known to be NOT related to the others, effectively establishing the third branch. 

The effort to explain this expansion is the reason for the transition of this site to include this additional information.    There are currently 47 men who have used DNA to verify their connections to one another and to this Jackson Clan.  So this new 'DNA Tree' is a spreadsheet with three pages: 
Page one shows descendants of Robert Jackson plus at the bottom of this page are those few descendants who know they are related but have not yet found a firm connection. These 'unconnected' folks may or may not be connected to Y9349 but will be left on page one until SNP testing can indicate which branch they should connect to. 
Page two shows the descendants of Samuel Jackson, born in Ireland, who came to these shores as an English soldier during the Revolution.  He decided to stay here instead of returning to England with his defeated fellow soldiers.  So learning of his DNA connection to Robert of Hempstead was of great interest. 
Page three shows the descendants of a different Samuel Jackson and the descendants of John Lynn who are first found in Stafford and Prince William Counties, Virginia.  DNA shows a real relationship between the two families but where and when is still unknown. 
And more recently the DNA connection to Graham Jackson of Australia has added another dimension to the tree.  Testing is in progress which will show us the SNP test that will be used to confirm individuals to this third branch of our clan.  Since we don't yet know, Graham is placed at the bottom of Page one. 

So come take a look at our 'DNA Tree' here: this google spreadsheet was prepared to help you visualize the relationships and connections of the descendants who have participated in DNA testing.  The spreadsheet is also helpful in seeing particular areas that could benefit from further testing.

For further details about how these separate branches are differentiated, see John McAnally's page here.

For nearly fourteen years this web site has been dedicated to the descendants of Robert Jackson who settled in Hempstead on Long Island, New York.  Robert and his descendants will probably remain the heaviest focus but the site will gradually add more information about various Jackson lineages and become a home for various Jackson projects I have worked on.  Certain pages pertaining to research concerning Robert Jackson's line are still found on this site (Table of Contents below) but remember the actual data base has been removed to cousin Jerry Gross' Quilted Family Trees where you can continue find the most recent data updated October 2017.    I think viewers will appreciate the additional features on Jerry's site such as an individual timeline, the ability to link documents, histories and media directly to the person individual’s pages and the ability to print pedigree, descendancy and individual pages in PDF format.  Also there is the ability to leave a comment directly on that site either for questions, corrections or additional comments.  As always, both Jerry and Janie welcome your emails.  You should be aware that the data is a compilation from various sources, some better than others.  So use these source references as hints and double check them for yourself.   This remains a work-in-progress and all additions, edits and corrections are appreciated!

Items such as biographies, obituaries and wills still mentioned in the Table of Contents below will be gradually moved to the Quilted Family Trees site as time allows.  The Table of Contents below is muddled right now but will improve with time and a bit more effort. So pardon our dust as things get moved around and we gradually settle into a good pattern.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  

Table of Contents

Presently there are three branches of this clan that are defined by five patriarchs.
      First Known Branch (Y9389):
Robert Jackson of Hempstead, New York:
Surname List @ Quilted Family Trees
Search Form @ Quilted Family Trees 
Updated 31 Oct 2017
  William Jackson, s/o Stephen Jackson and Nancy Cook
                       Research by Jinny Jackson Smith  Added 29 Oct 2017
         Samuel Jackson Irish Revolutionary Soldier, d Greene, PA
                 Samuel Jackson and Margaret Cree's descendants  New 3 Nov 2017
                       Research by Mike Jackson, John McAnally & J. Kimble

     Second Known Branch (BY19809):
             Samuel Jackson and Vashti Greening of Stafford, Virginia
                     Research by John McAnally
(rootsweb.com)  Updated 7 Jul 2017
            John Lynn and Isabelle Fristoe of Prince William & Fauquier, Virginia
Research by Mark Lynn (ancestry.com)

    Third Known Branch (pending): 
Thomas Jackson of Dublin, Ireland:  New 7 Jul 2017

                      Read the story: Page one   Page two   View the chart

  I am so appreciative of all the contributions that have been made by researchers and family members. But three stand out as deserving of special mention and thanks:
Bob Mitchell [RIP] for his ongoing research into Jacksons in TN, AL and the Carolinas;
Jack McAnally for his knowledge of DNA & research as it pertains to genealogy;
and Jerry Gross for his early encouragement and contributions.

The results you see on this site are truly the results of researchers willing to share and collaborate.  It is the good spirit of sharing and working together that has made this site such a pleasure! To all who have contributed and continue to contribute - thank you so much!!

"The more we share, the more we know!"

'We' is smarter than 'me'!




Jerry Gross has prepared a companion website using The Next Generation software
which has several features that are not available on this site, such as:
timeline, the ability to link documents, histories and media directly to the person
individual’s pages and the ability to print pedigree, descendancy and individual
pages in PDF format.   Jerry also plans to post many more photos as
they become available from fellow descendants.

The most recent update for Robert Jackson's tree is now available from
https://www.quiltedfamilytrees.com where updates will be available much
more frequently and with less work on my part!

“Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will show thee; ask thy elders, and they will tell thee.”   Deuteronomy 32:7

"People do not learn from the history they do not know."
Charles Simpson, Pastoral Letter April 2012

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